The first time i met the witch...

Artist Statement: The first time I met The Witch she was in the form of a toad. She croaked at me and I, thinking it only polite, croaked back. I was also in the form of a toad but for different reasons.

She told me about her life (t)here, trawling the dross-stream and showed me a few of the most interesting things that she had pulled up. In return I told her how I did not know whether I was going forwards or backwards (sideways, which is always a possibility, was not discussed). We mutually agreed that I was probably going in spirals and The Witch said that she, personally, had always thought the spiral the best form in which to travel. I went a bit red and said I was just doing the only thing I could (but was secretly very flattered by the compliment).

I make objects that play in the inexplicable hinterland between the known and the unknown, reality and fiction, the dream world and the waking. By blending together apparently anachronistic images and objects any ideas about singular narratives are dissolved and the viewer can enter into a new world of fluidity where anything is possible, if potentially absurd.  Physically this becomes manifest in my own work when I form gleefully representational objects out of the detritus of everyday life. Sequins, cardboard and wire are grafted together with thread to become a ram’s head filled with papier-mâché flowers which evokes both a museological artefact and the funfair. It is these lines (in this case the binary of seriousness and triviality), which appear absolute but in actual fact are permeable which particularly attract me - I want to find out how far these can be pushed.

At that moment, on finding myself to be tired I excused myself from the company. The Witch croaked her farewell and I raised my paw in response.

Fionnuala Mottishaw is a visual artist based in Edinburgh. Her work has most recently been exibited at: Dok Artist Space; Syn Festival; and the Scottish Storytelling Centre. See more of here work